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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's A Pride Issue

Do you struggle with pride? The Bible says "God resists the proud." and "Pride goes before a fall," and "He gives grace to the humble." When we are prideful, we WILL fall eventually. 
Why are we prideful? Sometimes, we are prideful because we are covering up our insecurities. So we feel the need to tear everyone else down and like we have to do and be better than everyone else. Instead of being lovely, we want to be lovlier. This is the Pride of Life. We need to encourage one another and lift each other up, not tear them down.
How does this make you feel?  Have you ever been around someone who is always exalting themselves and being prideful all the time? It makes you sick, doesn't it? Our flesh sometimes thinks, "Oh, I can't wait till Judgement Day," or "I wish they would be pushed down to size," or even "I want to see them stumble and fall!" These thoughts of course are wrong! We should never pray for someone to fall. And when they do, do not applaud. The Lord doesn't like it when someone stumbles in their pride. Instead of praying FOR them to fall, we should pray for them to deal with their pride and ask God to help them with it.
God gives us our abbilities. Everything we can do (like our talents or gifts) comes from God. We didn't give it to ourselves. God made us and gave us our gifts to glorify Him with it so HE may be exalted. Not ourselves. We didn't do ANYTHING to recieve our talents so do not mis-use them.

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