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Thursday, September 27, 2012


                Believe it or not, music can really affect and have an influence on you. Many of us just do not understand the importance of listening to good music that glorifies God. This, by the way, our main goal in music should be to glorify the Lord, so that He is known and greatly praised. There are three basic points that need to be point out in the concept of music.
  1. Music really does affect us. Now, because of this point, that should prove right there that we need to fill our minds, hearts, and souls with good, God-honoring music… because it does affect us. If we are listening to praise worthy music, we will be full of praise, and worship in our hearts toward God. Also, the spirit of the person who is singing affects us too, because they’re spirit rubs off on us. Just like if you are around a negative person who is griping and complaining all the time, eventually that attitude will rub off on you. If you’re around someone positive and encouraging, that spirit will affect you in a good way. So the spirit of the music really does have a lot to do with God-honoring music, along with the beat as well. The beat or the music even without the words is a key importance too. If the beat of the music is doing more for your flesh, then benefiting your spirituality, obviously, it is not Christ-honoring music. We as Christians and especially our music should be different from the worlds. We are commanded to “shine our lights before men and glorify our Father in heaven.” And part of that is by the music we are listening to. When people see the kind of music we listen to, that is part of our testimony. You can tell a lot about a person by what they listen to.
  2. Music should be God-glorifying.  “We must decrease, and HE must increase,” that scripture verse applies to music as well. Music needs to benefit a Christian’s walk with the Lord, and mainly to glorify God So that He is honored and praised.
  3.  Music and the unsaved person. You cannot mix Christian words with a worldly beat. Let’s say an unclean person (with leprosy) touched a clean person. Would that make the clean person unclean? Yes, it would. But what if a clean person touched an unclean person. Would that then make the unclean person clean? No. So the point here is that you can’t mix the world with Christ in music. An excuse some people use for this kind of music is “It can draw a lost person and therefore reach them for Christ.” Really, music is not and should not be used for that purpose. God has called pastors to reach the lost with their message. So God’s Word (the message) should be used to reach the lost, not music. It is wrong to compromise Christian words with a worldly beat to save the lost person or in any case. So, whenever we listen to music, God should be on His throne and glorified and exalted. It is so important that we listen to praise worthy music so that we will be in awe of who God is, and our hearts will be drawn closer to Him.

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  1. Hey, thanks for posting this! This is a really, well-thought-out post. It is very convicting, inspiring and thoughtful! I posted about music recently on my blog ( ) and completely agree about its importance, and also about mixing the world and Christian music. So many "Christian" songs out there sound just like the world's music.